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20 April 2006 @ 09:17 pm
Inoue Kazuhiko-sama

This is an Inoue Kazuhiko, male seiyuu, fan community.

There are only a couple of rules.
1) Must be a member
2) Friend Lock all posts (except for this one)
3)Comment if you take anything. It's not hard to say a "Thank you" so that people uploading stuff won't feel as if they are taken for granted.
4)No flaming or rudeness on the comm. I dun wanna see any cat-fights on this comm. Be polite, even if your ideas differ.
5) Have fun! Just like the other communities

Other than that, you may post whatever you like, i.e, music, scans, rants (fantalk), CDs, clips, etc...
Hope you enjoy your stay. ^^

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